The Dumawood range of PVC cladding is made up of four wood effect panels, that can be used for walls or ceilings. We do not recommend using these panels in a bathroom, shower or wetroom.

The Dumawood range is created using ‘Synchronised Multicolour Printing’ (SMP), which is a technique where a high-tech printer prints photorealistic images in high resolution (360dpi) onto the panels. This ensures that your wall is given a realistic look that is true to nature.

Dumawood PVC cladding is water-resistant and durable, unlike wooden products, it will not bend, crack or delaminate. The tongue and groove fitting system across the horizontal edge of the planks means you can install them quickly and easily. Plus, the square edge across the vertical sides of the boards creates a clean, flush finish.

The short boards make transportation and installation incredibly easy and panels from this range can be mixed and matched to create your own unique design!

This range of PVC cladding also comes with a 10-year manufacturers warranty.

Each panel in the Dumawood range is 1200mm long167mm wide, 6mm thick and is sold in packs of 10 which covers an area of 2m².

We recommend using Megabond Adhesive when fitting these panels.

Cottage Blue


Cottage Yellow


Cottage Grey


Cottage White