Kerrafront 304 Wood Effect Alpine Oak External Cladding (332mm x 2950mm)

Product Code QFSC-304-AO Category

Discover the cutting-edge Kerrafront Modern Wood Alpine Oak External Cladding, featuring innovative KERRACORE technology for unmatched durability and easy installation with SYSTEM CONNEX. Enjoy maintenance-free beauty with exceptional energy efficiency and a healthier living space.

Product Specifications Overview:

  • Total Width: 372mm
  • Usable Width: 332mm
  • Available Lengths: CONNEX: 2.95m
  • Quantity in the Package: Panels are sold individually.
  • Square Metres per Package:
    • CONNEX: 0.97 m²

Elevate the exterior of your building with the timeless elegance of Kerrafront Modern Wood Alpine Oak External Cladding, an ideal blend of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge installation technology. This cladding introduces the CONNEX system, designed to offer a seamless look and feel by eliminating the necessity for additional connection accessories.

Meticulously engineered to provide superior coverage and style, the cladding boasts a total width of 372mm and a usable width of 332mm. Each panel, cut to a precise length of 2.95m, is optimized for an installation that is both easy to manage and expansive in reach. Sold individually, the panels cover an area of 0.97 m² each, enabling precise, tailored project planning and efficient material usage.

The CONNEX system is at the core of this cladding solution, offering an innovative approach to panel joining. With unique hooks at each panel’s ends, the system allows for swift, effortless connections, markedly reducing installation time. What sets CONNEX apart is its ability to create virtually invisible seams, presenting a continuous, unblemished surface that greatly enhances the building’s exterior charm.

Choosing the quadruple board FS-304 variant is a decision for unmatched visual appeal coupled with practical installation simplicity. Perfect for both refurbishing existing structures and embarking on new building projects, this cladding solution excels in delivering a harmonious blend of traditional beauty and modern functionality through its distinctive CONNEX system. Transform your building’s exterior into a reflection of refined taste and architectural innovation with this premier cladding option.

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