Sureseal Bath & Shower Tray Seal

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Length: 1850mm | To Suit Panels: 8mm-10mm | Colour: White | Construction: Plastic

Sureseal is a 2-part, PVC trim specifically designed for keeping water from getting between your wall panels/shower panels and your bath or shower tray.

This trim offers fantastic sealing performance with a fully enclosed sealant line and a rubber finishing seal, which creates two further sealing points, ensuring no water gets through. The rubber finishing seal also creates an aesthetically pleasing finish by hiding any unsightly sealant lines.

Suited Sureseal End Caps are available to seal the ends of your Sureseal trim and create a neat, professional finish.

We recommend Sureseal for use with all 8mm & 10mm wall and shower panels around your bath or shower tray.

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