The Deeplas PVC plastic gloss white window sill boards are a great replacement for your old and tired timber window boards or if your thinking of rejuvenating your bathroom. They provide a fast and easy fitting solution with the added benefit of being a plastic they are extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Interior window boards are one highly visible finishing touch, often exposed to heavy wear and tear, as well as direct sunlight. Deeplas window boards create an attractive, low-maintenance solution that can be placed in any room in the house.

PVC Skirting Boards & Architrave

PVC Skirting & Architrave

Skirting boards and architraves provide protection for your plaster and wallpaper and an opportunity to add a design flourish to your home decor. But it doesn’t take long for them to lose that newly fitted sheen and start looking tired before their time.

Skirting boards – permanently in the firing line at floor level – can quickly pick up chips and scuffs from feet, furniture and the rough and tumble of family life. 

Architraves can get their fair share of knocks too, particularly around the doors in busier areas of the house. And in kitchens and bathrooms in particular, heat and moisture can quickly warp and discolour both skirting boards and architrave.

These are essential items for any household, providing a cost effective low maintenance solution that always stays bright and will never deteriorate.

  • No screws or nails – simply glue to the wall
  • Premoulded corner pieces for quick, seamless angles.
  • No mitring required
  • No saws or power tools needed
  • Hard wearing UPVC
  • Quality laminate finish
  • Robust interior structure
  • No painting, sanding or filling
  • Wipe clean finish resists scuffs and marking
  • Moisture resistant
  • Made from 100% recycled UPVC
  • Integral rubber gasket reduces draughts and saves energy