The Wall Trims range is an extensive collection of metal and plastic finishing trims in various sizes and styles. This range features the highest quality trims from manufacturers such as Dumaplast and VOX, as well as a huge offering of MB trims, allowing for a professional finish that will last for years to come.

Wall trims are used to further waterproof panels by covering exposed joints, which, if not sealed correctly, may allow in water, and cause all sorts of problems.

Installation is incredibly easy, but each trim may have a different way it needs to be installed. All trims can be installed easily, quickly and without any specialised equipment.

Using trims form the Wall Trim range will ensure a high-quality, superior finish that looks fantastic whilst still being practical and effective. Across the range, trims are colour suited to perfectly match their respective shades of colour creating a very consistent look and stunning finish.

This range varies hugely in terms of style, size and colour, to offer a comprehensive choice and allow for personal taste. The full list of trim specifications can be found in the table below.

Metal External Angle Trims
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmWhiteQMBTR25-M
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmPolished ChromeQMBTR26-M
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmBlackQMBTR27-M
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmBrushed SilverQMBTR31-M
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmGreyQMBTR32-M
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmAnthraciteQMBTR33-M
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmMatt SilverQMBTR34-M
Metal Classic Finishing Trims
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
End Cap2.7m8mmWhiteQMBTR01-M
End Cap2.7m8mmBlackQMBTR23-M
2 Part Internal Corner2.6m8mmWhiteQMBTR03-M
2 Part Internal Corner2.6m8mmBlackQMBTR05-M
Plastic Classic Finishing Trims
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
End Cap2.7m8mmWhiteQMBTR01
End Cap2.6m8mmBeigeQMBTR22
End Cap2.6m8mmBlackQMBTR23
End Cap2.6m5mmChromeQMBTR17-5
End Cap2.6m8mmChromeQMBTR17-8
End Cap2.6m10mmChromeQDT083
2 Part Uni Corner2.6m8mmWhiteQMBTR02
1 Part Internal Corner2.6m5mmChromeQMBTR18-5
1 Part Internal Corner2.6m8mmChromeQMBTR18-8
H Section2.6m5mmChromeQMBTR21-5
External Angle2.6m15mm x 15mmChromeQDT015C
External Angle2.6m25mm x 25mmChromeQDT025C
External Angle2.6m30mm x 30mmChromeQDT030C
External Angle2.6m40mm x 40mmChromeQDT040C
Plastic Suited Finishing Trims
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
End Cap2.6m8mm – 10mmChromeQDT083
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
2 Part Starter2.6m5mm – 8mmChromeQDTS069
2 Part Starter2.6m5mm – 8mmWhiteQDTS001
2 Part Starter2.6m5mm – 8mmBeigeQDTS051
2 Part Starter2.6m5mm – 8mmBlackQDTS022
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
2 Part Int. Corner2.6m8mm – 10mmChromeQMBTR06
2 Part Int. Corner2.6m8mm – 10mmWhiteQMBTR03
2 Part Int. Corner2.6m8mm – 10mmBeigeQMBTR04
2 Part Int. Corner2.6m8mm – 10mmBlackQMBTR05
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
2 Part H Section2.6m8mm – 10mmChromeQDT843
2 Part H Section2.6m8mm – 10mmWhiteQDTH001
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmChromeQDT020C
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmWhiteQMBTR09
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmBeigeQMBTR10
External Angle2.6m15mm x 15mmChromeQDT015W
External Angle2.6m20mm x 20mmWhiteQDT020W
External Angle2.6m25mm x 25mmBeigeQDT025W
External Angle2.6m30mm x 30mmBlackQDT030W
External Angle2.6m40mm x 40mmBlackQDT040W
Metal Shower Seals
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
Metal Base Seal2.4m11.5mmWhiteQMBTR28-M
Metal Base Seal2.4m11.5mmChromeQMBTR29-M
Plastic Shower Seals
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
Plastic Sure Seal1.85m8mm – 10mmWhiteQMBSEAL
Sure Seal End CapsN/AN/AWhiteQMBSEALC
Plastic Clad Seal1.85m5mm – 10mmWhiteQTRIM/W
Clad Seal End CapsN/AN/AWhiteQTRIM/E
Plastic Ceiling Cornice
Plastic Cornice2.7m8mm – 10mmWhiteQMBTR07
Plastic Shower Panel Trim
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
End Cap2.4m10.5mmWhiteQMBWTP01
End Cap2.4m10.5mmChromeQMBWTP09
End Cap2.4m10.5mmBlackQMBWTP05
External Corner2.4m10.5mmWhiteQMBWTP03
External Corner2.4m10.5mmChromeQMBWTP11
External Corner2.4m10.5mmBlackQMBWTP07
H Joint2.4m10.5mmWhiteQMBWTP04
H Joint2.4m10.5mmChromeQMBWTP12
H Joint2.4m10.5mmBlackQMBWTP08
Internal Corner2.4m10.5mmWhiteQMBWTP02
Internal Corner2.4m10.5mmChromeQMBWTP10
Internal Corner2.4m10.5mmBlackQMBWTP06
Metal Shower Panel Trim
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
End Cap2.4m11.5mmWhiteQMBWTM01
End Cap2.4m11.5mmChromeQMBWTM09
End Cap2.4m11.5mmBlackQMBWTM05
End Cap2.4m11.5mmAnodisedQMBWTM13
External Corner2.4m11.5mmWhiteQMBWTM03
External Corner2.4m11.5mmChromeQMBWTM11
External Corner2.4m11.5mmBlackQMBWTM07
External Corner2.4m11.5mmAnodisedQMBWTM15
H Joint2.4m11.5mmWhiteQMBWTM04
H Joint2.4m11.5mmChromeQMBWTM12
H Joint2.4m11.5mmBlackQMBWTM08
H Joint2.4m11.5mmAnodisedQMBWTM16
Internal Corner2.4m11.5mmWhiteQMBWTM02
Internal Corner2.4m11.5mmChromeQMBWTM10
Internal Corner2.4m11.5mmBlackQMBWTM06
Internal Corner2.4m11.5mmAnodisedQMBWTM14
10.5mm Metal Shower Panel Trim
DescriptionLengthTo SuitColourCode/SKU
Internal Corner2.4m10.5mmBright PolishedQMBWTM23
End Cap2.4m10.5mmBright PolishedQMBWTM24
H Joint2.4m10.5mmBright PolishedQMBWTM25
Internal Corner2.4m10.5mmBrushed MetalQMBWTM17
End Cap2.4m10.5mmBrushed MetalQMBWTM18
H Joint2.4m10.5mmBrushed MetalQMBWTM19
Internal Corner2.4m10.5mmAnthraciteQMBWTM20
End Cap2.4m10.5mmAnthraciteQMBWTM21
H Joint2.4m10.5mmAnthraciteQMBWTM22