Why Bathroom Cladding?

Bathroom cladding?

What is the big hype all about?

Dumawall+ Beige Bathroom Cladding situLet me tell you a little about pvc bathroom wall cladding and why it is becoming talked about so much more now than ever… Cladding is a great product for giving your bathroom a complete make over at a fraction of the price of the traditional tiling method. Fitting our PVC cladding is so much easier than tiling too. It provides a great opportunity for the DIY enthusiast’s of the house to come out and shine were most would fail comparing this to tiling your bathroom walls. The panels are generally a lot larger so much so that most of our wall panels are generally 2700mm in length so one panel will cover a large area in one go (we do offer smaller panels and pvc tiles), on top of this they are a lot lighter to handle and can be installed over existing walls (as long as the wall are not falling apart or covering loose tiles). A simple adhesive such as the MB Panel Adhesive pro which has been specifically designed to apply our wall panels to any surface can be used in most cases or you can create a wooden frame and use the bathroom cladding to apply over.

Ultimately wall panels, bathroom cladding, pvc panelling what ever you like to call it is simpler, lighter, easier and simply more convenient to use. With current technology in printing the designs and patterns now has never been a more exciting time than ever to look to the future and start choosing your panelling for your next overall of your bathroom.

Browse our store, choose your panelling, add your ancillaries such as corner trims and don’t forget your adhesives and silicone’s.